Top HVAC Trends in 2016 by Industry Insiders

trendsAccording to the innovations and the sweeping change of technologies blowing through the HVAC industry, 2016 is bound to be an exciting year in home heating and cooling. The year started well with the AHR Expo which showcased a number of equipment and technologies in both residential and commercial HVAC. Since then, newer products and trends have been emerging including updates on how the Internet of Things will impact communication between HVAC equipment.

Customers are increasing their demands in light of these technological changes and contractors have been forced to go the extra mile to meet these needs. Following a thorough online and offline research, homeowners should be watching out at some of the following trends in the industry.

Smarter HVAC

The smart technology is making serious advances into the HVAC industry with gadgets such as smart thermostat, smart equipment integration and the Internet of Things technology which allows contractors to automate their service processes thereby ensuring your equipment as the homeowner are well taken care of and constantly monitored.

Aside from the machines and controls getting smarter, smart technology is taking the center stage in 2016 as both manufacturers and homeowners’ battle for efficiency. There are lots of data points than ever before thereby allowing better measurement through big data and analytics.

The Rise of Connected and Multifaceted Software

Both homeowners and contractors are always on the lookout for easy to use and one stop shop software solutions that make it much easier to deliver indoor comfort. To help plug this gap in demand, more enterprise mobile software solutions are likely to be developed to give you control over your home heating and cooling equipment including energy control.

Increase in New HVAC Installations

As the building and construction industry picks up following reinvigorated consumer demand at both the residential and commercial level, HVAC equipment installation is likely to witness heavy gains.

Enhanced HVAC Maintenance through Mobile

Continued product innovation and process improvement in the HVAC maintenance field, some new gains in HVAC unit efficiency are likely to be realized. Mobile applications will take over center stage in helping contractors improve on their preventive maintenance programs as smart technologies begin to dominate the residential HVAC landscape.

As HVAC units become more and more complex, homeowners will demand much simpler preventive maintenance programs that they can understand and directly relate to how powerful they are in giving them their ideal indoor environment.

With mobility comes productivity and timely information delivery, stronger effectiveness per visit and increased safety for both the homeowner and the contractor.

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