The Impact of a Two-Stage Furnace on Energy Bills

two-stage furnace

When people hear of winter, they almost always think of the extra layers of clothing they have to wear, the shivering inside their homes and the costs involved in keeping HVAC systems running. Rarely does it cross the minds of these homeowners that you can save on energy bills even as you heat your home for comfort. One of the easiest ways though costly at the beginning is upgrading your heating and air conditioning system to a two-stage furnace.

The furnace has the advantage of adjusting its heat output so that it can optimize your indoor comfort which in turn offers huge energy savings. In places like Florida where it becomes unbelievably cold at times, investing in a two-stage furnace can give you a quick payoff.

The Inefficiency of Standard Furnaces

A majority of the standard or conventional furnaces deliver efficiency levels in the region of 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency. This efficiency level ill compares to the almost 98.5% range that is delivered by two-stage furnaces. Annual fuel utilization efficiency is a methodology used by manufacturers to help them estimate the fuel consumption and operating efficiency these systems are able to attain over one heating season.

Most standard heaters are much less inefficient compared to two-stage models because of the burners they use. Whenever you run a standard furnace, the gas valve opens at high thus making the burner or flame to be fully loaded. Once the temperature of your home aligns with that of the thermostat setting, the furnace shuts off.

Efficiency of Two-stage Heating Systems

High efficiency heaters use burners that have a two-stage system. Instead of the high/off or on/off operation, the two-stage heating system can operate the burner at both low-stage of heating and at high stage of heating. Many two-stage furnaces run at the lower heating stage for close to 90% of the day. This means the energy utilized in sustaining these heaters is much lower and this can save you big on energy consumption.

The Impact of Variable Speed Blowers to Energy Savings

The two-stage furnaces also come with variable speed furnace blowers. These blowers make use of a fan to push the heated air from the burner through the ductwork and ultimately into your home. These blowers adjust the speed of the fan so as to deliver the right amount of heat and in the process use less electricity to power them.

In colder climates, homeowners can benefit immensely from investing in two-stage furnaces because their operational efficiency will help them attain a much higher level of comfort and lower energy bills compared to standard furnaces.

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